Art Painting Gallery featuring Original Watercolor Paintings by Susan Regert

A PLace To Dream
Dimensions 21" X 27.5"
Original Watercolor on Paper
Unframed $1200.00
This is a unique cement garden sculpture and planting at the Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, California. I have taken pictures of it for years and finally got one that had the right lighting for a painting. This is also available in a limited edition Giclee print.
Peach Tulips Orange Cat
Dimensions 12" x 23"
Original Watercolor on paper
Unframed $650.00
My cat Patsy has been featured in several of my paintings. She has a stern look about her but she really is a love.

Miss Piggy's Porch

Image 21" X 28"

Original watercolor on paper


Red And White Patio
Image 22" X 29"
Original watercolor on paper.
Unframed $1200.00

This is another painting inspired at the Cambria Nursery in Cambria, Ca.

Blue Lithanius

Image 20.5" X 27.5"

Original watercolor on paper

I grew these one summer and am so glad I painted them because I have never got them to grow since.

Unframed $ 450.00

Flower Garden Favorites

Image 20' X 28"

Original watercolor and ink on paper

Unframed $550.00

Cactus Garden

Image 17.25" X 23.25"

Mat beige with lavender liner 25" X 31" ready to frame

Original Watercolor on paper painted on location in Cambria California



My Garden
Painting Dimensions 24.5" X 30"
Original Watercolor on paper
Unframed $450.00
This is what I see form the window in my studio where I paint.
White Tulips and White Rabbits
Painting Dimensions 21.75" X 29.5"
Original Watercolor on paper
This painting was inspired by a visit to a beautiful nursery in California’s Bay Area. The tulips they had planted were red and yellow so I changed them to white. I was very pleased with the movement in this painting.
For Rent
Painting Dimensions 24.5" X 30"
Original Watercolor on paper
unframed $500.00
I painted this from a combination of photos taken at a charming little nursery in Cambria, Ca.
MMM Good!
Dimensions 26" X 18.5"
Unframed $600.00
This pottery bear sits on my kitchen counter.  I had just baked this berry pie and set it out to cool.  It just needed to be painted.
Forty Winks
Painting Dimensions 20" X 14"
Original 275.00
I discovered this cement figure on a trip to a nursery. He is one of Something To Smile About series.

Wednesday Morning

Image 21.5 x 29

Every once in a while I like to paing something abstract.


Favorite Colors

Image 14" x 21"

Original Watercolor on paper