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Moose On Arrow
Can't find the forest through the trees! Let our moose point you in the right direction.

Cat Family On Rod
This proud mother cat shows off her kittens for the cat lover.

Cat With Butterfly
Z Cat is the prefect garden accent for that cat lover.

Flying Pig large
Our flying pig always brings a smile.

Horse on rod
The quarter horse is loved by all.

Jumper on rod
Our young equestrian makes the perfect jump over the hedge in any garden.

The graceful Monarch is always welcome as it migrates along.

Open Sign
Open! Open! Open! Yes we have an open sign!

Pegasus on rod
Strength and power with a touch of the mystical are all captured in the Pegasus.

Roadrunner on rod
On the move the swift roadrunner is a playful addition to any garden.

Scaredy Cat on rod
Our scaredy cat arches up, but with a smile on her face, we all know she is friendly.

Setter on rod
The Setter or Golden Retriever make a great garden companion.

Our friendly skunk is just looking for a friendly garden!

Swallowtail Pair
Two swallowtail butterflies flutter in the breeze on these wavy rods.

Dragonfly Pair
Our dragonfly pair wave gracefully in the breeze on 2 curved rods.

So you are no gardener! Show off your weeds with our fun sign!

American Flag
Show off your patriotism with this high flying garden flag.

Dragon rod
This dragon is a good luck sign for any garden.

Dolphins on rod
Playful dolphins on 28"rod.

White Dove of Peace
Perfect to decorate any yard.

The tweeters sing a happy spring song and are a cheerful accent to any pot.

Life is Good Rod
This life is good sign helps us remember what is really important.

Cowboy on rod
Ride'em cowboy!Bucking bronco is a symbol of the American West!

Mermaid on rod
Curvy Mermaid adds grace to any garden.

Chihuahua Teacup on rod
Tiny Teacup Chihuahua cut from rusted steel makes the perfect pet.

Fairy on Twig
Spunky Fairy kickes up her heels on this garden stake.

Peace sign on rod
Dove of Peace sign is a gracefull addition to any yard.

Chihuahua on rod
Chihuahua garden art stake is the perfect pet.

Fairy Pair
Our pair of Fairies are great in that special garden.

Zebra on rod
Our zebra garden stake is a fun accent for any yard

Goat on rod
Our Goat garden art stake never requires feed or water.

Duck Pair
Our Wild Duck Pair is a great garden art piece. It is cut from heavy metal and made in America.

Flying Ducks on rod
Our pair of flying ducks on a rod are a great addition to any yard or patio.
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