Awesome Metal Garden Gates and Fencing by Z Garden Party

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Bear Spring
Our friendly grizzly bear trackes his way along with the movement of the wind.

Bunny Spring
A pair of bunnies chasing each other, bounce playfully on their spring!

Butterfly Spring
These butterflies have kinetic movement with the wind.

Cowboy Spring
Watch our cowboy ride that bronc!This kinetic garden sculpture goes way past the 8 seconds.

Frog With Dragonfly Spring
As quick as a lick that frog snatches that dragonfly as it bounces with the wind.

Frog With Hat Spring
Our tap dancing frog sways in the wind, waving his hat to welcome friends to your garden!

Jumper Spring
Jumping over the fence our young girl rides with ease as the wind moves the steady mount.

Moose Spring
Moose on the loose! See him jog along in the wind.

Roadrunner Spring
The traveling roadrunner is always on the move with the slightest breeze.

Rooster Spring
This friendly rooster crows with the first breeze of the day!

Flying pig spring
This is from my something to smile about series. Just a little wind and he bobbles in the breeze.

Angel Spring
Angel moves with the slightest wind.
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