Awesome Metal Garden Gates and Fencing by Z Garden Party

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Seahorse Spring
This pair of seahorses glide in the wind as if dancing along the bottom of the ocean.

Cat Spring
Z Cat swats at a butterfly as it sways gracefully in the wind. This is one of our best selling designs. It is a perfect garden accent for that cat lover!

Dolphins Spring
Welcome the sea to your garden with our playful dolphins, as they bob with the wind.

Pony Spring
Pony prances along with the slightest breeze.

Dragonfly Spring
Graceful steel dragonflies wave with a breeze. The kinetic movement adds interest to any patio or garden.

Fairy on Mushroom on spring
Our Fairy kickes up her heels on rusted steel mushroom as it waves in the breeze.

Crazy Hearts Spring
Crazy Hearts bound together wave in the slightest breeze.

Heron Spring
Our Heron spring moves with the slightest breeze.

Duck Spring
Our Flying Ducks in marsh grass on a spring makes a fun kinetic sculpture for the garden.
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