Awesome Metal Garden Gates and Fencing by Z Garden Party

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Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty makes thr perfect pet.

Alley Cat
Our life size Alley Cat is a great garden art accessory.

Cat Family For Fence
The proud mother shows off her kittens as they trail the fence.

Fence Cat
Great life size cat silhouette to add charm to any fence.

Fairy Sitting
The Fairy Sitting makes a great companion for any yard.

Ginkgo Tree with Birds
A graceful branch from the Ginkgo is the perfect setting for two sparrows.

Cosmos With Swallowtail
Metal garden sculpture flower and butterfly is a great outdoor table topper.

Sunflower Sunflower
Comes in two sections.

Sunflower Medium
Comes in two sections.

Sunflower Large
Comes in two sections.

Topiary Small
For an upscale garden accent, try our topiary. It comes in 3 sizes and is great by the front door.

Topiary Medium
Topiary comes in three sizes.

Ming Horse
Chinese horse with a western look.

Rock Star Small
Rock on Rock Star.

Rock Hound Small
Just for fun!

Rock Hound Large
The Rock Hound is a great garden companion.

This glamorous mermaid is perfect by the pond or pool in your yard.

Our full sized rabbit is great accent in the garden or patio.

King of the chicken coop can also be the king in your yard. He makes a great pair with the Hen and Chicks!

Daisy large
Everylasting blooming daisy is the perfect garden decor. It is cut of heavy rusted steel and hand welded and shaped in the USA.

Indian Blanket Wall Hanging
Spirit Horse and Indian Blanket great wall decor.

Dizzy Butterfly
This butterfly moves with the wind perched on its coiled rod. The coil must be pulled up after shipping.

Dizzy Dragonfly
Our gracefly dragonfly waves in the wind from its coiled perch. The coil must be pulled up when received.

Dizzy Fairy Shrimp
The fairy shrimp has held up many building sites in Merced California especially the new UC campus. This one is just for fun.

Love Ribbon with crystal on base
Cut from heavy rusted steel the Ribbon of Love features a beautiful pink Swarski Crystal.
Regular price $58.99.

Ribbon Faith with Crystal on base
A beautiful pink Swarski Crystal is featured in the ribbon for beast cancer symbol. Regular price $58.99.

That Cat 28
That cat brings a smile to any face.

Sun Face Large for wall
Brighten up your space with this Feminine sun face cut from heavy 12 gauge rusted steel.

Peace sign for wall
Dove of Peace sign is a great garden accent.

Garden art sculpture guitar cut from heavy 12 gauge rusted steel even has strings.
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