Awesome Metal Garden Gates and Fencing by Z Garden Party

Gates & Fences
Our gates offer a truly unique look for the garden. We offer five different designs in three sizes in the flower garden series.

They can be used as a gate, screen or accent panel. The designs are linkable for a flowing garden fence. All gates are cut from heavy 12 gauge steel and welded to one inch square tubing frames. The tubing is open on the bottom so gates may be free standing by pounding two stakes in the ground and setting the gate over them. We call it a trellis when it is free standing. The cowboy gate shown below is an example of this.

The 29 1/2 inch and 35 1/2 inch wide sizes can be shipped UPS. The 47 1/2 inch wide size must be shipped freight. They may be ordered with or with out a rusted finish so they can be painted.

We request that you contact us personally if you would like to purchase a gate or fence.We need to know which side you need it hinged.  800-766-1668

Our flower garden gates have been received so well that we are adding a new series of themed gates. The sizes are all similar so the pricing is about the same for all.

Gate A

29.5 x 43     $325.00

35.5 X 50.5     $380.00

47.5 X 69.5     $545.00

gate shown is 35.5 wide and cut from 12 gauge steel

Gate B

29.5 X 40.5     $325.00

35.5 X 46.5     $380.00

47.5 X 63     $545.00

Gate shown is 35.5 inches wide and cut from 12 gauge steel

Gate C

29.5 X 44     $325.00

35.5 X 51     $380.00

47.5 X 71     $545.00

The gate shown is 35.5 inches wide and cut from 12 gauge steel. It is our best selling pattern and is great paired with gate D.

Gate D

29.5 X 43     $325.00

35.5 X 51     $380.00

47.5 X 69     $545.00

The gate shown is 35.5 inches wide and is cut from 12 gauge steel.

Gate E

29.5 X 41     $325.00

35.5 X 49     $380.00

47.5 X 66     $545.00

Cowboy Gate

Width   Height  12 gauge steel

29.5  X  39     $325.00

35.5  X  47     $380.00

47.5  X  63     $545.00

Grape Gate

29.5 X 39     $325.00

       35.5 X 47     $380.00       

47.5 X 62.75   $545.00  





Modern Art Gate

29.5 X 39.5     $325.00

35.5 X 47.5     $380.00

47.5 X 63.5     $545.00

This is a custom wall I designed for a client who hated looking out her kitchen window and seeing the garage wall. I had four different ground levels to work with so it was a real challange. We were both thrilled when it went up and all matched up.                                                                          

Susan Regert, "Z" Garden Party 1-800-766-1668